Pathfinder AP: Carrion Crown

Disrespect at a Funeral

Session 1: Thursday August 16, 2012

Kat(Hayley)“K:” = Rich parents, father army, rapier-wielding catfolk.

Kiant (Ron)“Ki” = He looks human, is an Oracle, has some vision problems/cloudy eyes. Pretty much a healer.

Trystan Lamie (Carlos)“T:” = A Sylph Sorcerer. Male.

Corin (Clay) “C:” = 1/2orc Ranger Axe. Likes to hunt undead things. Mom was an unead hunter.

Yagbe’u (John) “Me:” = Dhampir Monk, Varisian by nationality & birth. I have brough my wife along, Lucinda.

Dungeon Master (Matt) “DM:”

Day 1

We’ve been summoned for his funeral. And, apparently, a task to perform for him.
The atmosphere is kind of gloomy. Corin arrives first. There’s the occasional glimpse of someone. You see the shutting door or shutter. People stay away from you. No one welcomes you. But, form the directions you’ve been given, you find your way to the Prof. Lorrimor’s estate.

A woman named Kendra greets you at the door. She welcomes you in. She asks, uh, who exactly you are. He presents the “invitation”. “My mother did <unnamed> for your Professor”

Kendra: he was my father

The coffin is not there yet. There’s a place set for it. No one else seems to be there yet. No townspeople. It’s kinda empty and awkward.

C: I’m here to find more about my mother, but…
There’s a knock at the door. It’s me.

Kendra greets me and Lucinda warmly. She tells us that 1/2orc is here and I tell here I’ll be in after stabling the horse. Stable looks empty and looks like they’ve on hard times. I remember that it used to be better than this.

Ki..passes me as I go to the stables. I greet him and he says he’s here for the Prof. At the door, she recogninzes him and is surprised tat he’s early. How many years ago has it since he visited town? Let’s see…probably 10 years. This town is not the same…like….don’t look the same the same to you. It’s a lot colder and just has a very odd feeling about it. Kendra quickly shows you in.

T: is coming into town. “I flew in….” No. I um, cameby foot. I’m wondering if….I do know the family. My character is 20 years old. For a sylph, that’s pretty young. Kendra would know my character. She’s 25. I think she probably at some point, we spent some time together b/c I needed to be taken care of. Babysitter? How long ago was that? Kiant could possibly know Tristan. Kendra recognizes you right away (You’ve grown, whatever, whatever…)

She shows you into the wake room.
T: You’re looking more beautiful every year.
Kendra… She’s in mourning gear. She understands that T is trying to cheer her up and forces out a smile. She’s not doing so great.

With that…there’s a ½ orc you do not recognize.

Kat:… She’s covered up her cat features. She’s folded her cape over it, but the tip of her tail may stick out. You definitely get some…well, farmers in the distance. Occasional person around for others, but YOU see no one. She has a big facial scar!!! She laughs as people slam their locks. They’re not friendly toward her people. She’ used to that.
You get to the doorway. Her father is more famous (Mufasa?). Kendra meets you at the door. Kat is only slightly older than she. Kendra is VERY taken aback by you, Kat. Only for a moment. She quickly composes herself and sees the “invitation”. After a brief greeting, she shows

Ki: You’re a 1/2orc.
C: My father was 1/2e.f and mother was an orc None of the g’parents would take to any of them Never knew my mother was a hunter, until recently. She disappeared a couple months at a time and came back with $$.

Ki: How do you know the prof?
C: I don’t. My mother worked for him, but she died a couple months ago so I’ve come in her stead. Both my parents were killed by what I thought was an animal breaking into the house. But now I’m now sure.

T: You think they were murdered.
C: I don’t know. They got torn up. My mom was kind of tough so…whoever it was, was big and fast.
Ki: I don’t know orc yet.
C: I’ll teach you

T: how do I address you?
C: Corin
T: I’m Tristan with a Y

Kat: removes her hood. (Had some kind of gimp on your shoulder?)
T: What’s you story?
Kat: I’m an adventurer. I met prof on travels, crossed paths.
Ki: When?
Kat: years ago. (I’m being vague on purpose)
Ki: I don’t remember a cat person
Kat: That’s unfortunate. With a big fang smile

C: does she disappear when she smiles? No.

I enter the room and introduce myself around. As we converse and meet with each other, a couple of carriages pull up out front. A rather corpulent man, councilman Vasiah Hearthmount, has arrived. He says, we’re ready at the temple…would everyone goes to the carts, um carriages. He tries not to pay us any mind. He’s not snobby, but he we can tell he doesn’t like outsiders. That look of disdain is what he perpetually always has. There are some carriages waiting outside. They take us to temple of Pharasma (building E). You’ll get maps later, I promise.

Ki: will be crying the whole way.

As we go to the temple, we are greeted by a Father Grimburrow. He greets us at the gate. He ways that he asks for pall bearers. It is their tradition that they carry the coffin from the temple to the graveyard. They ask for people to carry the coffin.

I ask Father Grimburrow if we all may have a few minutes alone with, open casket. No.
Perhaps just a few words alone? This is not the time. But Kat and Corin Intimidate the Hell out of him.

DM: are you guys in armor? Weapons? Various answers….
I did take the time to wear my family kaidene.

The moment the Father notices…..he’s not happy. We kinda don’t care. Please, not in front of Kendra. But he relents. He has the gravedigger open it. We see a completely crushed body. We cannot recognize him as Prof Lorrimor. He’s Um, been pulped from the head to the waist. His body is broken, literally. It’s not pretty.

Ki: Was anything done to it? Yes, they had cast Gentle Repose on it.

We notice….yeah, this is the professor. Obviously, he’s been crushed. But, by what, we can’t tell. I recognize that he has a tattoo that he got after visiting me. I apologize for the inconvenience and discomfort. He closes the casket and takes us outside.

Clearly the casket has never been intended to go to the Lorrimor house.

The whole tradition is “Dreamwake”…taking the casket from here to the graveyard. North of the town (subject to change) and is called the Rest Lands. We all take up pall bearer positions and the procession starts. Father says some words and we begin to walk.

It was fate that we all arrived on the same day, same afternoon.

So, I’m not going to make you roll checks… No one is cripplingly weak, right? We go through the gloomy parts of town. No one in sight. No one is in any parts of the streets. No farmers in the fields. We go into this massive graveyard. Hills with mausoleums….(Carlos shows off his t-shirt).

As we round the corner of ….one of the lanes. A male voice calls out “I think that’s far enough!”

We see a group of 20 villagers with torches and pitchforks and scythes and farming equipment. “We’ve been talking and we don’t want him buried here. You can take him upriver, but he’s not going to be buried here. We won’t have a necromancer buried with our kin. Folks here are very upset about this.”

I tell everyone to set down the cactus. <groan> Kendra runs forward and hysterically screams “Necromancy!?” blah blah blah We can see the gravesite and the diggers. I turn to Father Grim barrow and ask if there is constabulary. I can tell some of these guys are drunk (liquid courage).Father just says these are ignorant farmers.

I give the farmers to the count of 10. Orc draws axe, Carlos sparks hand. Looks like we’re into a fight. Dusk falls. We set down the cactus. Fight ensues.

Kat drops the lead guy. Kiant stabilizes the guy. Constabulary comes and takes people away. Father says “I don’t think that was the best, but they didn’t leave you any choice.” We take up the cactus. Gravediggers lower the body into the grave. We’re allowed to say a few words. (Think of Prof as Sean Connery in “the last crusade”)

We notice that some other people in town have now shown up. They are, Councilman Hearthmount Vashian; a man in similar attire Council Garren; a large man in kid of barkeep’s clothing, very working class is Zokar Elkarad the tavern owner; 13 year old son; an odd looking old lady in exotic looking cloak and robes and has all these little trinkets hanging form her outfit. We don’t recognize her. Kendra is Lominda Fallenbridge the local apothecary a “very good friend” of the Prof.

Obviously not a big party. Time passes and we’re headed back to the Prof’s things go along their natural procession. If we want to talk to the townsfolk here, we can at the gravesite. Only Kendra has been super friends. Father Grimburrow kinds of stand us out of respect for Lorrimor. Can’t really read anyone else, they keep their distance from us. I make it a point to introduce myself.

Zokar is the only one who was any kind of nice. Prob. b/c of him being a tavern owner. No real sense of anger or malice or fear or xenophobia. Councilman Vashian actually shakes my hand but just to get me to shut up. Garren doesn’t shake at all; barely utters a few words and suddenly hears someone calling him in some other direction. Yominda Fallenbridge is the only one sincere about her words. I notice some Varisian tats on her hands. She’s not openly hostile, but untrusting of us as a group.

Orc continues to shake hands, acting kinda simple. Oracle grabs arms and shakes, faking more blind than usual in a friendly way. Councilman will read the will in about an hour from now. Kendra asks each of us to stay. I recommend that we search the grounds and house before we go back in.

My precaution is ridiculous, because as we come close, we see the shambling of drunken steps give the house a wide berth and there are few smashed windows. A constable tails us from a distance. Orc waves him up to us, but at that, he turns off down a side street.

So, we go into the study. The walls are lined with books. Think of the Smithsonian. Stuff and maps everywhere. All display cases of different kinds of stuff. Pretty much every wall in the house has this stuff. We’ll each recognize something from our pasts.

Vashian comes and has scroll case. As he opens the case, a key falls onto the (desk? table?)

“I, Petros Lorrimor being of sound mind do hereby commit to this parchment my last will and testament. Let it be known what with exception of the below I leave all to my daughter Kendra. Use them or sell them as you see fit. Beyond bequeathing my personal effects. I’ve arranged for this reading until all principals are in attendance. For I have more than mere inheritance to apportion. I have 2 final favors to ask. To my old friend I have to impose upon you but there are few others who understand the true significance of what I have to ask. As you know I study evil to know the envy and forestall the enemy. Surely this is the path of victory. So, over the course of my lifetime I have seen fit to to collect tomes. Any of which could have led an awkward situation. Most should be under lock and key in lepistadt university. But, there are some in a chest under lock and here in my home. I prefer not to burden my daughter with this, or yourselves but I I am posthumously ask that you please deliver to the university to my colleagues who will put them to good use for this cause. Before you go. Before you go, delay your journey for 1 month and stay here to ensue my daughter is safe and sound. She has no one to count on now I’m gone. If you set her firm , from my saving I will to you a sum of 100plantimum coins for safe keeping. I have left these with Endrith Downmuth in Lepistat a trusted friend. She’ll give you it no sooner than 1 mont afte the date of this. I hereby sign on1st day of calistral of (inser date here).”

Vashain rolls up the will, puts it in case, and leaves. (Did he take the will, too?)

Ki: the key
Kat: do you want to se the chest?
Me: Kendra, do you know where it is?
Kendra: Yes, right this way into a basement. She’s barely able to pull it up.

Looks pretty plain, iron and wood. The key fits perfectly into it. As we open it, there is a stack of tomes. On top is one leather bound that have pages stuck out of it. Fastened to is a piece of parchment of frantically scrawled handwriting “read me now”

We open it up. Kat wants to open it. It is Prof’s journal. Some of the pages are written in the same…circled in the same bright red ink as the note was written in.

“Hmm about 10 years ago it was the Whispering Way is move then a cabal of mercenaries. Undead is their fountain of youth. Uncovering their foundation …their desire to is dangerous. A couple months ago it says it was I feared. The way is uninterested in something here in Ravengro. What could it be? Months ago. Whatever the way seeks I am now convinced the Harrowstone. It makes sense, the tales of the ruins are chilly enough. It may be time to investigate. But with everyone in town being so worked up, I’d rather not let anyone know about my curiosity. There are plenty who think I am witch or other Fools. The way seems interested, no someone who was held. But ho? I need list of everyone who died in the first. The temple of Pharasma must have it. 19 days ago. I see how ill prepared I was. When I set out to Harrowstone. The ghosts, if indeed they were ghosts for I did not find prudent……I managed to transcribe the symbols on the foundation. Hopefully the tools to defend against spirits must be here. I know the church stored them in a false crypt in Restland. I’m not sure the know that. If my luck holds, I should be able to slip in/out. Tomorrow evening ire turn to the prison. It is imperious that the way not finish. If my theory is right, I don’t have time to update my will. I’ll leave this in my chest.”

He died 17 days ago. More than 17 days ago, but 17 days from this writing. No, that’s not true. Yeah, 17 days ago from this.

T: Where did he die?
Kat: Harrowstone

DM: you guys know that….gimme a know(local) or INT roll
Ravengro was not always the quiet secluded sleepy little farm, xenophobic farm town that it is today. It used to be known for its prison. Some towns are known for their college or industry. Ravengro was known for its prison of Harrowstone. It is the euqiv of a supermax. Every year a caravan of guards would bring the worst criminal of Ustalav to here. Something happens YEARS ago possible a century ago. Some horrible incident. And now everyone know Harrowstone is a fabled ruins south of town What happened there, stories ranged from battles, to riots to something I don’t know. People say it is haunted, all sorts of urban legends. The truth, we don’t really know.

Kata; so it is near town.
Ki: 10 years ago, my character was living here.
DM: the first segment is actually 10 years ago. So you may know something about he whispering way. Gimme a Know(local) check.
Ki: 20
DM; at the time you came to know them what you believe to be a small kind of death cult, a necromancy cult….their name comes from following the whispering Tyrant a horrible villain of ancient history in Ustalav. They believe that transcending into undeath was the highest path. And strive to find ways to do that.

Ki: Did they speak Infernal?
DM: Possibly.
Ki: may have been where I picked it up. This is kind of where I’m going to close with you guys reading these journal entries. But, I don’t know…next session will probably will be looking through the more stuff prepared. I’ll have journal entries prepared. There’s some stuff to look forward out of town. There’s a town trust mechanic. You guys kind of earned some trust by not dropping the casket in the fight and by not slaughtering the peasant. But the town does not exactly trust you right now. Your actions in town will affect the towns-poeple feelings toward you. That could then impact certain things.

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